• $249.99

Configuration: 12 packs/5 cards

Cryptozoic CZPlus Dark Nights: Metal Trading Cards Box Break:

  • (2) Premium Hits
  • (1) Brilliance Variant
  • (9) Chase Inserts

Cryptozoic CZPlus Dark Nights: Metal Trading Cards Case Break:

  • (10) Red Brilliance Cards
  • (2) Gold Brilliance Cards
  • (1) Dark Signal Chase Card
  • (3) Autograph Cards
  • (9) Sketch Cards
  • (1) Printing Plate Card

Cryptozoic CZPlus Dark Nights: Metal Trading Cards PRODUCT Highlights:

  • Cryptozoic’s first CZPlus premium trading card release!
  • Based on the hit DC comic book mini-series Dark Nights: Metal
  • NEW! Brilliance Cards: Variants of Base and Chase Cards printed on foil substrate with Deco Foil and crash numbering to 69, 10, or 1
    • RARE 1-of-1 The Batman Who Laughs Brilliance Cards
  • Single, Dual, and Triple Autograph Cards signed ON-CARD by the superstar writers and artists of the comic books! (1:48 Packs)
  • Hand-drawn Sketch Cards by talented artists (1:16 Packs)
  • Four Chase Card Sets: Showcasing the Batman-fused Dark Knight characters, their unique symbols, and a dark, demented collection of artwork
  • Printing Plates (1:113 Packs)

Cryptozoic CZPlus Dark Nights Metal Trading Cards PRODUCT Details:

  • 63-Card Base Set - The Base Set for this release includes a variety of artwork, pulled from the pages of the tie-in, one-shots, and mini-series issues, and features artwork from some of the biggest names in the comic book industry.
    • Also look for Brilliance Variants of Base and Chase Cards are printed on foil substrate with different colors of Deco Foil (Red, Gold, Black) and crash-numbering.
      • Silver Foil Substrate with Red Deco Foil and Red numbering to 69 (1:10 Packs)
      • Silver Foil Substrate with Gold Deco Foil and Gold numbering to 10 (1:62 Packs)
      • SUPER-RARE! Silver Foil Substrate with Black Deco Foil and Black numbering to 1 (1:630 Packs)
      • RARE! The Batman Who Laughs Red, Gold, or Black Deco Foil #'d to 1 (1:230 Packs)
  • (4) Chase Sets: “The Dark Knights”, “Dark Arts”, “Divine Metals” Puzzle (Each 1:4 Packs), and “Dark Signals” (1:122 Packs)
    • CHASE 1: “THE DARK KNIGHTS” (9 CARDS) - Seven of these nine cards individually highlight the Batman-fused characters known as The Red Death (fused with Flash), The Murder Machine (fused with Cyborg), The Dawnbreaker (fused with Green Lantern), The Drowned (fused with Aquaman), The Merciless (fused with Ares), The Devastator (fused with Doomsday) and The Batman Who Laughs (fused with Joker), all dangerously drawn by Jason Fabok. The fi nal two cards feature group shots with amazing artwork by Greg Capullo and Doug Mahnke.
    • CHASE 2: “DARK ARTS” (18 CARDS) - These 18 cards showcase some of the incredibly dark and twisted alternate cover art for the “Dark Nights: Metal” mini-series created by industry-leading illustrators like Francesco Mattina, Greg Horn, Jock, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Tim Bradstreet. The Brilliance Card versions of these images will be printed on foil, then stamped with a variety of colors to create new variants.
      (9 CARDS)
       - A nine-card puzzle showing a ready-forbattle Batman surrounded by the signals of the Dark Knights. The Brilliance Card variants feature Deco Foil that will enhance and showcase the artwork, penciled by Greg Capullo with Jonathan Glapion inks, like never seen before.
    • CHASE 4: “DARK SIGNALS” (9 CARDS) - These six cards highlight the symbols of the Dark Knights. Batman merging with other iconic characters is represented with symbols like the trident-based “A” of Aquaman resting over a fl ying bat or the jagged lightning bolt of The Flash splitting a pair of bat wings. Formed in foil, each Dark Signal card will contain an embossed, coin-shaped version of the signal alongside imagery of the Dark Knight it announces.
  • Cryptozoic CZPlus Dark Nights Metal Trading Cards Collector's Album
    • Custom-designed album to store the entire collection, including EXCLUSIVE BONUS Card!