Funko Pop! Disney - Rafiki With Simba


  • $10.99

The Lion King has endless classic scenes. It's hard to pick a favorite as the movie is filled with catchy songs and brightly colored landscapes. We can picture the scene where Mufasa comes back to give his son advice from an impressive cloud. Then there's the moment that makes everyone want to shout out and warn Simba, "Don't trust your uncle, Simba! He's power hungry, can't you see?" 

There wouldn't have been a happy ending if it hadn't been for the wise old monkey, Rafiki. He had blessed Simba with his wisdom since birth. Maybe that scene is the most memorable, now that we think about it. Rafiki steps into the sun, onto Pride Rock to show the new prince to the animals of the kingdom.  

This vinyl figure shows Rafiki bringing out the newly born Simba. This colorful figure is sure to add a wise presence to your collection. Add this to your collection and celebrate the circle of life!